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Zoom SPF Twins

SPF Twins

HK$599.00 Regular price HK$636.00

SPF Sprinkle + Sunfluff 40mle

SPF Sprinkle, Choose one : 

  • Melon Puff - counters unwanted skin redness induced by irritation and inflammation
  • Pixie Peach - creates a delicious peachy tone on the skin
  • Lavender Twinkle - balances unwanted yellowish skin tone usually associated with skin dullness and slow skin turnover


Sunfluff 40 mle, Choose one:

  • Blue Moon
    - calm and collected and lightens skin tone with a cool blue tinta natural and almost tintless clean blue shade – for when you feel your best and ready to have a fabulous day!  

  • Peachy Preach
    - wake up like a juicy peach with this natural yet skin warming tone!
    - induces a bright warm sheer tone to the skin and offers anti-oxidizing benefits from Orange Blossom Extract

  • Good Nood
    - a good noodie that blends naturally into your skin tone akin a second  skin!
    - creates a natural and even skin tone with a nude tint that camouflages as second skin; with Green Tea Extract to revive the skin

  •  Lavender Dilly
    - infused with Lavender and Geranium that teleports you to a tranquilizing floral garden
    - neutralizes yellowish and dull skin using complementary purple hue; induces a sense of calmness with Lavender Essential Oil

  • Honey Dew
    - desaturates redness and reduces blemishes with botanical extracts 
    - balances redness via a dewy honey dew tint, while providing anti-bacterial effects with Witch Hazel Extract