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SQUEAKY CLEAN – Cleanser + Toner cleansing duo

Combining Skin Need’s signature foaming bubbles cleanser and extremely popular toner series, this set has got the first 2 steps of your skin care routine covered, allowing your skin to be on the road to receive the greatness of serums and moisturizers!


Targets: all skin types, but choose the cleanser and toner suitable for your skin type


Caution: Deep Toner contains strong acids that can irritate the skin, so make sure you are not allergic to strong acids before selecting Deep Toner.


Set includes:


-Skin Need Cleanser 150mle, choose one:

Deep Cleanser – Combo & Oily skin type

Light Cleanser – Dry & Sensitive skin type 

 ( https://wokeuplikethisbeauty.com/collections/cleanser )


-Skin Need Toner 150mle, choose one:

Deep Toner – Combo & Oily skin type

Light Toner – Dry & Sensitive skin type 

Just Toner – All & Sensitive skin type

https://wokeuplikethisbeauty.com/collections/toner )



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