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Zoom ION+ Home Facial SOS Skin Set 3 (Store Pickup ONLY )
Zoom ION+ Home Facial SOS Skin Set 3 (Store Pickup ONLY )

ION+ Home Facial SOS Skin Set 3 (Store Pickup ONLY )


Immediate pick up! 

Softening, hydrating, and revitalizing skin by way of stimulating aquaporins and increasing skin hydration.

Do you want some facial treatments at home? Yes, you do!

Skin Need Keep It Clean Skin Sanitizer 40mle (Free)

-75% Alcohol Content 

-Broad-spectrum Bacterial Protection

-Hydrates Skin with Sodium Hyaluronate


Wash 1 - 5mle (Free)

Gentle Exfoliating Wash

A gentle yet effective exfoliating wash for all skin types

-Contains: Grape seed Extract, Sugar Cane Extract, Sea Buck thorn Extract, Purified Water

-Removes excess dead skin cells that cling onto skin surface causing dullness, congestion

-Promote skin renewal through the exfoliation 

-A brighter, clearer, and finer skin surface is revealed as skin becomes hydrated and purified

SKIN NEED ION+ Nano-Absorption System Oxygen & Nutrient Infusion Machine

When combined with oxygenated products of Skin Need, the system is among the first skincare devices to offer oxygen delivery treatments in a conveniently portable unit. The pressuring and compressing effect of the device instantly increases the nutrient density of skincare products and propels them into deep layers of the skin, thereby optimizing results of various skincare products and treatments to promote cellular growth and skin rejuvenation.

SMM 60mle (Free)

Super Moistening Mist 
Below-the-surface Hydration + Nutrient Replenish For All Skin Types

For all skin types to tone, calm, hydrate and anti-septic

A skin hydrating and calming aqua boosting mist to be combined with various professional treatments to optimize results. With Super Low Molecular Weight Hyaluronic Acid and rich Green Tea Extract to energize and revive the skin. Also formulated with Witch Hazel Extract to calm and soothe irritated and sensitive skin while offering anti-bacterial and pore clarifying effects.

-Contains: Super Low Molecular Weight Hyaluronic Acid, Witch Hazel Extract, Green Tea Extract



Peeling with Wash 1

Step 1. Mixing 1-3 drops of  Wash 1 + 1 mle of distilled water 

Step 2. Use silicon brush to apply onto the skin (Avoid eye and lip areas)

## Sensitive skin : Just apply onto T zone ##

Step 3. If there is any remaining liquid, apply over wet cotton pads and leave it for 5 minutes. Wipe off with wet cotton pads thoroughly afterwards.

Aqua Infusion with ION+ Machine + SMM

Step 4. Pour the SMM into the bottle of the ION+ Machine. The serving size is around half to a full bottle.

Step 5. Inject nano-oxygenated coconut water in a circular manner to allow quick absorption and replenish the nutrients needed by the cells.

(The intensity of water drops can be adjusted by the end of the gun body)