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Zoom Skin Expert - Clinical Painless Peel

Skin Expert - Clinical Painless Peel


Workshop duration: 60 minutes (for both Maintenance and Deep treatment) 


-this treatment is suitable for congested skin, acne skin, oil-prone skin, and skin associated with hyperpigmentation and signs of aging

-not suitable for pregnant or breast feeding women; or patients with chronic respiratory illness



Skin Expert Painless Peel is the gold standard for chemical peeling procedure by combining superficial, medium, and deep penetrating strengths of AHA, TCA, and Phenol, achiev- ing a multi-dynamic solution for various persistent skin problems. This powerful treatment activates skin cells to modulate skin activities, clear up abnormalities and problems embedded in the epidermis while stimulating cell regeneration in the dermal layer, hence dramatically improving skin complexion, radiance, and texture through skin restructuring.


General results

The Painless Peel provides dramatic rejuvenation. After healing is complete, the skin appears to be luminous, more elastic, clearer and suppler, with diminished appearance of wrinkles and pigmentation. The skin will look much younger bringing a fresher looking complexion to the face, and the results are long lasting if proper maintenance and sun protection is being carried out.


Preparation I (7 days prior to treatment)

Do not undergo any chemical peeling, micro-dermabrasion, laser, or other invasive and ablative procedures. Avoid tanning and sunburns. The procedure cannot be done on wounded skin or skin associated with diseases or infections. Take appropriate rest the night prior to treatment.

Preparation II (on the day of treatment)

Do not wear contact lenses or make-up during the day of treatment, and be prepared to rest at home after treatment. After the treatment, you can neither wash your face nor use any skincare product within 12 hours.
After the treatment, the keratin metabolism is accelerated, so you should wear adequate skincare products and sunblock before going out and avoid UV rays damaging the skin. During skin recovery, do not shave, do not remove scars on the face, and do not scratch the skin, etc.
Recovery period usually takes a week.


Cancellation Policy

If you wish to cancel your scheduled treatment, please notify us by email at least 72 hours prior to your appointment time.

Cancellations or no shows on the actual day of your scheduled treatment, deposit will be forfeited under any circumstances.