Better Together National Park - Sippy Cup

Better Together National Park - Sippy Cup

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Better Together

National Park Sippy Cup

這款可重複使用的玻璃杯,設有 350ml 容量,非常適合盛載Hojicha Re-Flasher、冰咖啡、冰沙和更多種類的冰鎮飲料!讓您解渴並補充體內水分,頓時感覺神清氣爽,肌膚看起來更水潤!


“When adulting gets rough, take a sip and chill from your Sippy Cup!”

350mle – Perfect for any chilled drinks to replenish moisture and keep your skin dewy and glowy! This premium grade reusable glass cup quenches your thirst to keep you feeling absolutely refreshed! Sip away stress and exhaustion and replace them with a smile on your face! What’s more to love is the reusable straw that comes with the lidded cup to keep your lips perfectly dabbed as you stay hydrated!

Looking perfect, feeling fineeeee!

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