Keratin Lash Lift  角蛋白魔法美睫術

Keratin Lash Lift 角蛋白魔法美睫術

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Happy new year! Come join us in the "Wake Up Beauty" ranks in the new year, and let yourself still be beautiful after waking up! This new year, WULT has prepared keratin magic eyelashes for you in "Wake Up Beauty," which will never burden the eyelids. It is safe and reliable and repairs and lifts the original eyelashes simultaneously, producing a natural and thick effect.


【Keratin Lash Lift 角蛋白魔法美睫術】
- Time 療程時間: 75 mins分鐘 –

Free 附送
Lash Tinting 睫毛染色 (single單次)
**conducted simultaneously as Lash Lift Treatment **須與美睫療程同時進行
A Hyaluronic Acid Eyelash Serum

What is WULT’s Lash Lift Together?
A fast and fuss-free treatment for naturally fuller brows and lashes using a keratin lash solution from Canada combined with our unique brow and lash manoeuvring technique. Produces more naturally-looking effects and easier to maintain lashes compared to applying false eyelashes, the result is brighter and more charming eyes easily enhanced with a simple stroke of mascara for a touch of glamour!


Benefits 好處
✓The effect can last for 6 to 8 weeks 效果可以維持6至8個星期
✓Improve eyelash shape 改善睫毛形態
✓Save makeup time 節省化妝時間
✓Can clean face, remove makeup and apply mascara normally 可正常潔面、卸妝、塗上睫毛液

Q: How Lash Lift Together works?
A: A lash lift is an enhancement of your natural lashes using a keratin solution applied at the roots of your lashes to curl the hairs upwards. Like a hair perm, a lash lift alters the shape of your lashes to create an evenly spread, natural-looking curl.

Q: 什麼是睫毛提升?
A: 睫毛提升是一種增強自然睫毛的方法,在睫毛根部使用角蛋白溶液將頭髮向上捲曲。就像燙髮一樣,睫毛提升會改變睫毛的形狀,從而形成均勻分佈、看起來自然的捲曲。



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