Balancing & Purifying Aqua Peel純氧水療潔淨肌膚療程

Balancing & Purifying Aqua Peel純氧水療潔淨肌膚療程

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The deeply detoxifying, balancing and clarifying Aqua Peel Purifying Skin Treatment can help you unclog pores and say goodbye to blackhead prone skin for this new season! At the same time, it revitalizes the skin's moisture layer to enhance nutrient absorption, producing smoother and suppler glowing skin! 

轉季了!今個春天,WULT Facial為您的肌膚準備了Aqua Peel純氧水療潔淨肌膚療程套票88折優惠!喺新一年為底層毛孔進行大掃除,告別草莓鼻,同時賦活肌底水循環,令毛孔有效吸收護膚精華,達致緊緻收細效果

Single 單次 - Aqua Peel純氧水療潔淨肌膚療程
- Suitable for all skin types 適合所有膚質 -
- Time 療程時間: 65 mins分鐘 –

Free 附送

Any SKIN NEED Toner (Travel) 20ml x 1

任何SKIN NEED 平衡液 (旅行裝) 20ml x 1

High-concentration compressed pure oxygen is sprayed on the skin surface at high speed. The beautician will use BYOB exfoliating formula according to the customer's skin to dissolve the dead skin connection molecules and blast away the dead skin. Because the dead skin clogs the pores, the pores will be blocked. If you have blackheads and acne, after the dead skin is removed, the chances of developing blackheads will be relatively reduced. The skin instantly appears tender and clean, revitalizes the water circulation in the skin, and then uses the infusion machine to penetrate the nutrients into the bottom of the skin. The skin is like a sponge, absorbing moisture and nutrients.


Suitable for 針對皮膚問題

  • Acne, blackhead, and congestion prone skin
  • Oil-prone and combination skin
  • After micro-needling treatments to purify the skin
  • Those on acne medication to enhance effects and hydrate the skin

Features &療程特點

  1. Infuses surface skin with exfoliants and purifying agents to remove debris and impurities
  2. Clears and purifies pores using a powerful vacuum suction and reduce congestion

Results 功效

Promotes renewal of the skin and diminishes clogging of pores 促進皮膚更新,減少毛孔堵塞
Reduces appearance of post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation and balances sebum 減少炎症後色素沉著過度的出現並平衡皮脂



Treatment Terms & Conditions:

- All treatments must have redeemed within 2 months of purchase
- All promotions are non-transferrable 
- Strictly no extension of treatment is allowed
- All sales are final; no returns, no exchanges
- Change of treatment schedule for up to 1 times and made at least 48hrs prior to appointment

**WULT reserves all rights to the use of promotion and treatments


- 需於購買之日起 2 個月內使用
- 所有銷售和促銷活動均不可轉讓
- 絕對不會在過期日期後延長優惠
- 所有已售的療程不設退貨及換貨


- 最多可更改或取消療程時段 1 次並需至少在預約前 48 小時提前通知,否則會扣除是次服務一次
- 美容療程需時,如客人未能按已預約的時間準時到達,服務時間會按比例遞減及完成程度會相對減少
- 如客人1)遲到超過15分鐘,2)無故缺席,3)少於48小時內更改或取消預約服務,服務將自動取消及扣除一次

We do not accept any appointment cancellation but accept rescheduling of appointments at least 48 hours in advance of designated appointment time for up to 1 time. All rescheduling made within 48 hours will result in a service fee that is 50% of the treatment price. 1) For no shows, 2) arrive late over 15 minutes, 3) appointment cancellation or rescheduling within 48 hours before treatment, any monies paid will not be eligible for refund or exchange.

**WULT 保留使用優惠和療程的所有權利