Deeply Soothing Experience Microcurrent微電波肌膚「充電」療程

Deeply Soothing Experience Microcurrent微電波肌膚「充電」療程

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A gently energizing and skin fortifying Microcurrent "Recharge" Treatment to bolster up skin resilience against sensitizing agents, as well as infusing the skin with humectants to restore comfort and radiance to celebrate Spring!

轉季了!今個春天,WULT Facial為您的肌膚準備了Microcurrent微電波肌膚「充電」療程88折優惠!幫您在新一年趕走暗沉黄氣,重新注入滿滿的朝氣能量,令皮膚獲得更新,回復平滑透亮及柔軟潤澤。

【Single 單次 - Microcurrent 微電波肌膚「充電」療程】
- Time 療程時間: 65 mins分鐘 –

Free 附送
Any SKIN NEED Toner (Travel) 20ml x 1
任何 SKIN NEED 平衡液 (旅行裝) 20ml x 1

Skin Energizing and Healing Treatment
With the use protein and glycosaminoglycan, the bio-energy meter helps enhance the electronic content of dermis and epidermal layer so as to accelerate regenerative repair and reduce free radical to prevent aging. Meanwhile, the instrument helps smooth skin, balance oil secretion, prevent bacterial infections, and increase hydration, resulting a smooth soft and youthful looking.


Suitable for 針對皮膚問題
Dull complexion, freckles, wrinkles and sagging
Oily face, rough pores, acne blackheads, acne problems
Fragile Sensitive, Peeling, Dry Skin

Features 療程特點
Energizing the skin and strengthening the skin’s natural barrier 為肌膚注入活力,強化肌膚的天然屏障
Promoting skin healing and repair 促進皮膚癒合和修復
Infuses moisture deep into the skin為肌膚深層注入水分
Intensely calming and soothing 強效鎮定和舒緩

Results 功效
✓Dehydrated and sensitive-prone skin to strengthen barrier protection to diminish moisture loss

✓Strengthens delicate and thin skin to reduce skin sensitivity and irritation

✓Calms and nourishes dehydrated and dry skin to refine texture, softness, and suppleness

✓Prepares sensitive-prone skin for energizing treatments such as HIFU or VLift
為敏感肌膚做好準備,以進行 HIFU 或 VLift 等充滿活力的治療



Treatment Terms & Conditions:
-All treatments must have redeemed within 2 months of purchase
- All promotions are non-transferrable
-Strictly no extension of treatment is allowed
- All sales are final; no returns, no exchanges
- Change of treatment schedule for up to 1 times and made at least 48hrs prior to appointment

**WULT reserves all rights to the use of promotion and treatments

- 需於購買之日起 2 個月內使用
- 所有銷售和促銷活動均不可轉讓
- 絕對不會在過期日期後延長優惠
- 所有已售的療程不設退貨及換貨


- 最多可更改或取消療程時段 1 次並需至少在預約前 48 小時提前通知,否則會扣除是次服務一次
- 美容療程需時,如客人未能按已預約的時間準時到達,服務時間會按比例遞減及完成程度會相對減少
- 如客人1)遲到超過15分鐘,2)無故缺席,3)少於48小時內更改或取消預約服務,服務將自動取消及扣除一次

We do not accept any appointment cancellation but accept rescheduling of appointments at least 48 hours in advance of designated appointment time for up to 1 time. All rescheduling made within 48 hours will result in a service fee that is 50% of the treatment price. 1) For no shows, 2) arrive late over 15 minutes, 3) appointment cancellation or rescheduling within 48 hours before treatment, any monies paid will not be eligible for refund or exchange.

**WULT 保留使用優惠和療程的所有權利