Penta-peel DUO Treatment – PPD Sheets

Penta-peel DUO Treatment – PPD Sheets

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Skin Resurfacing Home Treatment + Neutralizing Just Toner 




Clinical-grade skin resurfacing pads to exfoliate and instantly accelerate skin renewal, providing correctional benefits on a wide spectrum of skin problems such as congestion, dullness, roughness, hyperpigmentation, and loss of elasticity. Using a synergy of medically proven ingredients as well as soothing, anti-bacterial, and anti-inflammation botanical extracts, this powerful formula confers potent effects yet does not thin out the skin or cause skin irritation under prolong and proper application.


DI Water, Glycolic Acid, Lactic Acid, Organic Mallow Extract, Licorice Extract, Organic Barberry Extract, Ethylhexylglycerin, Hyaluronic Acid, Kojic Dipalmitate, Retinol, Acetic Acid, Salicylic Acid.


Skin laxity: Lactic Acid, a gentle Alpha Hydroxy Acid that has been shown to stimulate the synthesis of collagen in skin, is present in the formula to improve skin elasticity

Congestion and blemishes: Contains Salicylic Acid, an oil-soluble Beta Hydroxy Acid that clears pores to diminish blackheads and breakouts

Post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation: Formulated with Kojic Dipalmitate, Licorice Extract and Barberry Extract to inhibit melanin formation pathways thereby reducing uneven pigmentation deposits in the skin

Uneven skin tone and skin dullness: With Retinol to promote skin renewal thereby revealing more youthful cells and a brighter complexion

Background Theory:

Physical exfoliation involves using physical objects to remove dead skin cells, such as scrubs or peels that physically lift loose skin cells adhering to the skin surface. However, since dead skin cells are attached to the skin surface through small structures called desmosomes, simply using a scrub to physically rub the skin isn't an effective exfoliation method. For delicate, dry, or dehydrated skin, this can risk skin damage and irritation.

On the other hand, chemical exfoliation (such as AHA) targets the chemical properties of the skin structure to separate desmosomes from the skin surface, helping to remove dead skin cells without the need for physical abrasion. There are many different types of exfoliants and acid components that, if used correctly, can improve skin condition. Therefore, users must be cautious and have adequate knowledge to use the correct ingredients and amounts in their daily routines to optimize the use of acids and exfoliants.

Use only during PM, and as directed by a professional. Use on cleansed skin only. Remove pad from sachet and gently wipe onto treated area, covering each area only once. Allow 30 seconds before neutralizing skin using Neutralizing Just Toner, and follow with your regular skin care routine. Consult a physician and rinse product off immediately in case of skin irritation, discomfort, and sensitivity.
Use Cautions:

- Not suitable to be used on sensitive or wounded skin.

- Do not use if prolong exposure under the sun is carried out the next day.

- Do not use if pregnant or breastfeeding.

- Consult a professional on frequency of use as it may vary depending on skin condition.

- Discontinue use if invasive treatments or professional treatments involving high energy photons will be carried out within the next 3 days.

- Do not use within 7 days after invasive treatments or professional treatments involving high energy photons have been carried out. 

- For external use only. Keep out of reach of children. Avoid contact into eyes.

In the unlikely event of skin sensitivity, wash off with water and consult a physician. 

- A sunscreen of at least SPF 40 must be used during the day after the use of this product.

Reapply sunscreen every 2 hours when outdoors.

- When using any other medication for skin conditions, or any medication or supplements that may result in changes of skin condition, consult your physician before using this product - Avoid skin exfoliation on the same day of using this product. 

- A slight stinging sensation is normal, but it should not be persistent for over 20 seconds. If discomfort persists, rinse with water immediately and consult a physician.

- When using for the first time, conduct sensitive skin test before use. 

- Store in a cool and dry place.

penta-peel DUO treatmentPPD sheets report

Renewing: 5/5
Exfoliating: 4.5/5
Skin Clearing: 4/5
Reducing Congestion: 3.5/5
Pregnant friendly: No
Essential oil: No
Reminder: avoid using before or after prolong exposure under the sun
Caution: for dehydrated and sensitive skin, use with care