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Zoom “Last But Not Least” Set

“Last But Not Least” Set


LAST BUT NOT LEAST – Skin Need Moisturizer + Physical Sunscreen

Your day time final defence to lock-in moisture and protect the skin from the sun before you head out to the big big world! Set includes choice of Skin Need Moisturizer that is known to be comforting and lightweight, and also Skin Need Physical Sunscreen that is safe for the skin, body, and environment!


Targets: all skin types because we all need to moisturize and protect from the sun!


Caution: choose based on skin type and skin tone!


Set includes:

-Skin Need Moisturizer 50mle x 1, choose one:

Aloe Vera Ginseng Extract – Combo & Oily Skin Type

Hydra Smooth Essence – All & Sensitive Skin Type

Placenta Cream Base – Dry & Sensitive Skin Type

( https://wokeuplikethisbeauty.com/collections/moisturizer )


-Skin Need Physical Sunscreen 60mle x 1, choose one:

Oil Free Moisturizer SPF18 /
UV Perfect Rosy Pink SPF40 /
UV Perfect Natural Beige SPF40 /
UV Perfect Natural Light Beige SPF40 /
UV Perfect Snow White SPF40

 ( https://wokeuplikethisbeauty.com/collections/sunblock )


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