【Eggcellent Easter】#5 Penta Peel + Toning Pads

【Eggcellent Easter】#5 Penta Peel + Toning Pads

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Acne Peptide x1
Penta-peel DUO Treatment – PPD Sheets x1

套裝包括調理精華爽膚棉片及醫美複合植物酸煥肌棉片,適合想改善毛孔粗大泛油,更新皮膚代謝的人士。Penta-peel DUO Treatment 去角質+舒緩修復 雙效合一。PPD Sheets含有豐富天然複合植物酸成分,有效去除不健康的角質層,同時促進新細胞生長,加速恢復皮膚更生;Just Toner 恢復皮膚PH平衡狀態,及時補充水分,舒緩修復,令皮膚呈現健康狀態。

配合套裝內的調理精華爽膚棉片,將Just Toner抗敏舒緩沒藥醇平衡液沾濕棉片並進行濕敷/ 輕抹以加強舒緩及補濕功效,將更有效加強皮膚代謝!


The set includes the Drink Up – Toning Essence Pads and Penta-peel DUO Treatment, suitable for individuals who want to improve large pores and excessive oil production, and enhance skin metabolism. The Penta-peel DUO Treatment combines exfoliation and soothing repair in one. It contains rich natural complex plant acids that effectively remove unhealthy dead skin cells, promote new cell growth, and accelerate skin regeneration. The Just Toner restores the skin's pH balance, replenishes moisture in a timely manner, soothes and repairs, making the skin healthy.

To enhance skin metabolism, dampen the Toning Essence Pads from the set with the Just Toner and apply it gently or use it for moist compress. This will effectively strengthen skin metabolism.


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