【Eggcellent Easter】#12 Sprinkles + Sunfluffies

【Eggcellent Easter】#12 Sprinkles + Sunfluffies

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WULT 礦物防曬粉現全面改良包裝,新款蜜粉盒包裝更容易取粉,使用時更得心應手。盒內付有柔軟絨毛蜜粉撲,採用幼細絨毛製成,能沾取適量的礦物防曬粉。蜜粉撲輕柔軟糯的造型也是經過巧妙的設計,其弧形部分能夠貼合臉頰、額頭、眼周曲線,以重點控油;而尖形部分能貼合眼角、鼻翼等微細部位,作細緻定妝。

配合再度登場的Sunfluffies迷你物理性防曬,輕便軟管包裝最適合外攜/ 旅遊時使用。質地輕盈,柔軟舒適不油膩,不令肌膚做成負擔,提供保濕、修復和抗氧化功效,色調均衡自然。


WULT Sprinkles has been completely redesigned with a new packaging. The new powder compact is easier to access and more convenient to use. It comes with a soft velvet powder puff made of fine velvet material, allowing for the application of an appropriate amount of mineral sunscreen powder. The delicate and soft texture of the powder puff is cleverly designed to fit the curves of the cheeks, forehead, and eye area, providing targeted oil control. The pointed tip of the puff can be used to apply makeup to delicate areas such as the corners of the eyes and the sides of the nose.

In addition, the mini sunfluffies is making a comeback, featuring a lightweight and portable tube packaging that is perfect for outdoor use or while traveling. The texture is lightweight, soft, and non-greasy, making it comfortable for the skin without any burden. It provides moisturizing, repairing, and antioxidant effects while offering a balanced and natural tone.

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