【Eggcellent Easter】#10 Face Dab + Puffy Kisses

【Eggcellent Easter】#10 Face Dab + Puffy Kisses

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Face Dab液態胭脂三款色號,輕輕塗上就能打造自然泛紅的健康血色感!設有抗菌矽膠掃頭,柔軟輕巧,不會刮傷皮膚,比舊版本更輕巧更迷你,適合外出攜帶,補妝零煩惱!配合WULT 指尖粉撲,適用於WULT的物理防曬霜、天然礦物遮瑕膏和液態胭脂,具有最佳的彈性,悉心地將WULT的純素化妝品均勻又輕薄地塗抹在面部輪廓曲線上,打造無死角的完美妝容!


Face Dab comes in three shades, and with a gentle application, it creates a natural flush for a healthy and rosy complexion. It features an antibacterial silicone brush head that is soft and lightweight, ensuring it won't irritate the skin. Compared to the previous version, it is even more lightweight and compact, making it perfect for on-the-go touch-ups without any hassle. When used with the WULT Puffy Kisses, it is ideal for applying WULT's physical sunscreen, natural mineral concealer, and face dab. The combination provides optimal flexibility, allowing for the even and lightweight application of WULT's vegan cosmetics on the contours of the face, creating a flawless makeup look!

Viva La Frida 水凝緋紅色


Michelle 薔薇粉色


Hey Jules 杏桃橘色

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