Drink Up - Toning Essence Pads
Drink Up - Toning Essence Pads
Drink Up - Toning Essence Pads
Drink Up - Toning Essence Pads

Drink Up - Toning Essence Pads

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Drink Up – Toning Essence Pads

Made with Stretchable Organic Cotton

Ultra Thin, Maxi Absorb, for Toner Masking

60 Sheets 


Made with organic cotton threads that are artfully woven into a springy lattice sheet, this ultra thin Skin Conditioner Pad drinks up skin conditioning toners and effectively delivers to skin to deeply hydrate and prepare the skin for next skincare steps. Incredibly soft, fluffy, and gentle to skin, the Skin Conditioner Pad is suitable to be used with non-exfoliating and hypoallergenic toner essences and emulsions to optimize your skin care routine.


What is Toner Masking?

-quickest fix to irritated and dehydrated skin

-instantly tone and intensively hydrate

-targets flaky and dry patches, unbalanced t-zone, prepares and perfects makeup looks

-flexible to be used on the whole face or in specific areas


Why organic cotton?

The farming of cotton that is not organically grown can pollute our ecosystem by contaminating rivers and harming wildlife. Organic cotton is grown under stringent conditions, free of harmful pesticide residues, and ensures that the negative impact to the environment and human health is minimized.



Pour toner into pad in an amount that completely and thoroughly soaks the pad. Apply onto cleansed face and leave on for 3-5 minutes. Remove cotton pad, squeeze excess toner onto palms if any and pat onto skin until fully absorbed. Follow with your normal skin care routine. 


補水 - 調理精華爽膚棉片





+ 透氣性:特殊的彈性格子狀結構,保留透氣小孔,這樣的非封閉狀態,可以讓肌膚在深層吸收水分的同時自由呼吸,非常合適與敏感膚質和暗瘡肌膚類型。

+ 可拉伸:獨特的彈性格子狀結構,棉片可以拉伸長於自身的1.5-2倍,完美貼合肌膚且向上提拉緊緻。


- 快速舒緩受刺激和缺水的皮膚
- 立即調理並深層保濕 (1、2maybe可以結合起來?)

- 透氣網格結構使肌膚自由呼吸

- 針對乾燥脫皮、不平衡的T字區,為完美妝容做好準備

- 靈活地拉伸用於整個臉部或特定區域