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Zoom CLEARANCE - Skin Need Mix & Match Mask

CLEARANCE - Skin Need Mix & Match Mask

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Mix & Match Mask
自主 ·自我組合面膜



Serum 面膜精華 30mle x 8 (Choose One)

360 PLUS with Super Anti-oxidant Blue Copper Peptides 
 - To instantly induce a firm and supple complexion with additional skin brightening effects and promotes circulation and detoxification of skin for a lifted and accentuated skin complexion. 抗氧化、收緊、減淡紋路

PUSH UP PLUS with Skin Illuminating Mandelic Acid
- To deliver skin tone balancing and hyperpigmentation diminishing effects for brighter and more radiant skin. 提亮、美白、收細毛孔

OXYGEN PLUS with Ultra-nourishing Vitamin F & Marula Oil
- To tranquilize and fortify easily irritated and sensitive skin and to alleviate symptoms of eczema and psoriasis, this mask is as revitalizing as it is hydrating and pampering. 抗敏、修護、強化屏障功能

Sheets 面膜紙 8 pcs (Choose One)

SILK MASK SHEET with Perforated Cooling, Calming, and Lifting Delivery System
- For oil and combination skin type 透氧、提升,適合油性皮膚

PROTEIN MASK SHEET with Semi-perforated Moisturizing and Nutrient-rich Delivery System
- For dry and sensitive skin type 半透氧、含膠原蛋白,適合缺水皮膚