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Zoom #4 Skincare Better Together
Zoom #4 Skincare Better Together

#4 Skincare Better Together

HK$999.00 Regular price HK$1,966.00

Water-based Serum 40mle + Oil-based Serum 30mle


A waterful duo of hydration serum and beauty oil to lock-in moisture, which can be blended together and create a customized waterbank by adjusting the water serum : beauty oil ratio! Known to be lightweight and fast-penetrating, the Skin Need Water-based Serum series instantly plumps and revives the skin, restoring suppleness and radiance. Smooth, softening, and nourishing, the hypoallergenic and non-comedogenic properties of Skin Need Oil-based Serum series will keep the skin soothed and nourished.


Targets: all skin types


Caution: choose according to your skin type and skin concerns


Set includes:

Skin Need Water-based Serums 40mle, choose one:

HA - Deep Hydration

HA + B5 serum – Oil Control 

HA + KGF serum – Skin Healing (designed for post-invasive treatment)

S-Cell Power – Combat micro-aging

Intense Nano-Lift Peptides - Age Prevention and Reversal 

( https://wokeuplikethisbeauty.com/collections/water-based-serum )



Skin Need Oil-based Serums 30mle, choose one:

100% Squalane - All Skin Type

100% Squalane + Vitamin - Mature Skin Type

Membrane Lipids Repair - Fragile Skin Type

( https://wokeuplikethisbeauty.com/collections/oil-based-serum )


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