Skin Need + V Point - Advanced Firming & Contouring Treatment

Skin Need + V Point - Advanced Firming & Contouring Treatment

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Workshop duration: 65 minutes 

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If fillers have been applied on the face, it is not suitable to carry V Point treatment in the same area. It might cause damage to the filler.


In case of skin conditions such as eczema, psoriasis, contact dermatitis or open wounds, skin with heightened sensitivity and irritability, such as in case of prolong exposure under the sun, having undergone invasive treatments and chemical exfoliation within 7 days of treatment, use of Retin-A within 7 days of treatment, it is advised that you refrain from undergoing treatment.

Before and after treatments, it is recommended that adequate hydration and moisturization be carried out for optimal results. 




The treatment balances facial features, prevents skin ageing, and induces collagen growth.


Different from the traditional HIFU, V Point instrument is designed to be small and portable that help deliver the dense ultrasound energy to the areas of your face and neck with gentle microcurrent to improve facial contour, facial tone and the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, especially perfect for eye area. It is mainly used to lift the fascia layer (SMAS) and stimulate collagen regeneration to improve the firmness and tightness of fine lines and facial appearance. The procedure is safe, and effectively stimulates collagen regeneration.

過程同樣亦是安全有效,但有別於傳統HIFU 以長方形冶療頭發出的「線」;「無針埋線」以圓柱形治療頭發出密集的「能量點」,因為治療頭的設計較傳統HIFU的輕巧,面積較小,所以對於一些細緻部位(如眼周)的覆蓋會較佳。「無針埋線」屬HIFU 的一種,所以它的作用跟其他面部HIFU 儀器一樣,主要用作把筋膜層(SMAS) 提拉,及刺激膠原蛋白增生,達至提升緊緻,改善細紋等效果。


Treatment head is designed in a spiral shape, in comparison to traditional HIFU, it is milder, but can also achieve the effect of tightening and slimming.




  1. 清潔及卸妝
  2. 塗上治療產品
  3. 進行無線埋針治療
  4. 使用Y.O.B原液加強療程效果
  5. 使用ION+機舒緩肌膚
  6. 使用Skin Need 或Y.O.B深層保濕及舒緩面膜
  7. Skin Need 眼部護理
  8. Skin Need 面霜
  9. Skin Need百分百物理性防曬
  10. Skin Need 唇部護理




Correcting & tightening facial shape


Cheek lifting


Wrinkle reduction


Minimise pores and create a smoother skin




Do not use on inflamed, wounded, sensitive skin or skin associated diseases. Conduct the sensitive skin test before use. Do not use during pregnancy. Consult your physician before undergoing HIFU procedure. If fillers have been applied on the face, it is not suitable to carry V Point treatment in the same area. It might cause damage to the filler.







Generally, to carry V-Point treatment every 1-2 months, and 4-6 consecutive sessions allow to achieve a long-lasting smoothness, firmness, and enhancing the contour effect. The treatment effectively activates and accelerates the skin's natural repair ability and collagen proliferation, and remodeling skin complexion. The treatment does not use any artificial fillers and the process is painless.


-treatment duration: 65 minutes


-treatment price: HKD 1880

-療程價格:HKD 1880


Cancellation Policy

We do not accept any appointment cancellation but accept rescheduling of appointment at least 48 hours in advance of designated appointment time for up to 2 times. All rescheduling made within 48 hours will result in a service fee that is 50% of the treatment price. For no shows, any monies paid will not be eligible for refund or exchange.


我們不接受任何取消預約,但接受在指定預約時間至少提前 48 小時重新安排預約,最多 2 次。
所有在 48 小時內進行的重新安排將產生服務費,即療程價格的 50%。


Limitation on Uses

In no case, the Customer may transfer the treatment to others or share it with others. Unless a written consent of the Company is granted, the Customer shall not transfer the rights and responsibilities hereunder to others.


療程服務費用恕不接受轉讓或退款。 於任何情況下皆不得轉讓療程予他人或與他人共用。除非得到本公司書面同意,客戶亦不能將此守則之權利及責任轉讓他人。


鑒於疫情嚴重,我們已實施防疫措施以確保所有進出的客人及員工的 健康 :
  • 進入時必須佩戴口罩 

  • 進入時必須先以酒精搓手液消毒雙手,並接受體溫檢測

  • 於過去十四天內曾往返香港以外任 何地方者須於療程當日出示陰性快測結果,方可進行服務 (有喉嚨痛丶發燒丶或任何不適恕不能提供服務)