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Zoom SILK MASK SHEET   (8 packs per box)
Zoom SILK MASK SHEET   (8 packs per box)

SILK MASK SHEET (8 packs per box)


Perforated Cooling, Calming, and Lifting Delivery System

8 sheets



-a flexible, stretchable, and perfect form-fitting mask sheet that is also perforated and does not aggravate heat-induced skin sensitivity and redness
-mimics the elasticity of silk by adapting to the contour of skin, providing a breathable surface that is cooling and comforting
-silk mimicry derived from corn fibers and therefore material is decomposable
-can be used in conjunction with beauty treatment devices to optimize skin brightening and comforting results


According to skin type and professional instructions, combine Skin Need serums and oils into this sachet and blend well. Allow mask to be activated by submerging for 30 seconds, and apply mask sheet onto skin. Leave on 15-20 minutes before removing excess serum with damp cotton. For the remaining Mask Serum, seal bag and save for use on the next day to optimize skin revitalizing effects. 


Note : We cannot ship this item to Philippines. Caution of resulting in order cancellation with a 5% order amount penalty for transaction and handling fees.