Hydrating & Clarifying Skin Reborn皮膚再生療程

Hydrating & Clarifying Skin Reborn皮膚再生療程

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A deeply hydrating and renewing facial that gently exfoliates, infuses the skin with humectants, followed by mix and match serums and masks to nourish and calm the skin. Perfect to drive away dull complexion so your skin is glowing and bright for this New Yea​​r!

新年快樂!最近有否感到皮膚粗糙?有暗沉膚色或毛孔粗大問題?今個新春,WULT Facial為您的肌膚準備了Skin Reborn 皮膚再生療程88折優惠!提供一連串的淨化皮膚護理,注入足夠的營養成分,使您的皮膚彷如再生一樣的光滑。

【Skin Reborn 皮膚再生療程】
- Suitable for all skin types 適合所有膚質 -
- Time 療程時間: 55 mins分鐘 –

Free 附送
Any SKIN NEED Cleanser (Travel) 50ml x 1
任何SKIN NEED 潔面液 (旅行裝) 50ml x 1

20 professional formulas to be mixed, matched, blended, and dosage precisely measured to tailor make a treatment that targets the unique combination of intrinsic skin features with extrinsic factors that affect its behavior.


Features 療程特點
Hydrates and nourishes dry and dehydrated skin from professional product mix and match
Hydrates and balances oil-prone to combination skin from professional product mix and match

Results 功效
✓Promotes skin renewal for brighter, smoother, and suppler skin 促進皮膚更新,使皮膚更亮、更光滑、更柔軟
✓Balancing & Clarifying of Excess Sebum 平衡和淨化多餘的皮脂
✓Soothing & Relaxing Skin 舒緩和放鬆皮膚
✓Optimizing effects of daily-use skin care 優化日常護膚品的效果
✓After HIFU, VLift, laser, micro-needling treatments to hydrate the skin and enhance effects of HIFU、VLift、激光、微針治療後為皮膚補水並增強效果



Treatment Terms & Conditions:
- All treatments must have redeemed within 2 months of purchase
- All promotions are non-transferrable
- Strictly no extension of treatment is allowed
- Treatments will be conducted at WULT Central store before 12 February 2023; treatments will be conducted at WULT Harbour City store after 14 February 2023
- All sales are final; no returns, no exchanges
- Change of treatment schedule for up to 2 times and made at least 48hrs prior to appointment

**WULT reserves all rights to the use of promotion and treatments

- 需於購買之日起 2 個月內使用
- 所有銷售和促銷活動均不可轉讓
- 絕對不會在過期日期後延長優惠
- 如閣下預約的日子是 2023 年 2 月 12 日之前進行,療程需於在 WULT中環門店完成;如閣下預約的日子是 2023 年 2 月 14 日之後進行,療程需於在 WULT海港城門店完成
- 所有已售的療程不設退貨及換貨
- 最多可更改療程時段 2 次,需至少在預約前 48 小時提前通知

**WULT 保留使用優惠和療程的所有權利