【Eggcellent Easter】#11 Concealer + Puffy Kisses

【Eggcellent Easter】#11 Concealer + Puffy Kisses

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天然礦物遮瑕膏能與膚色柔和自然地融合,減少瑕疵提升整體外觀,昇華妝感。低過敏性、非粉刺性、不阻塞毛孔,具有滋養和治愈作用,有效避免脫皮和結塊!配合WULT 指尖粉撲,適用於WULT的物理防曬霜、天然礦物遮瑕膏和液態胭脂,具有最佳的彈性,悉心地將WULT的純素化妝品均勻又輕薄地塗抹在面部輪廓曲線上,打造無死角的完美妝容!


The natural mineral concealer can blend with the skin tone seamlessly, reducing imperfections and enhancing overall appearance for a refined makeup look. It has low allergenicity, is non-comedogenic, and does not clog pores. Additionally, it nourishes and heals the skin, effectively preventing peeling and clumping. When used with the WULT Puffy Kisses, it is suitable for WULT's physical sunscreen, natural mineral concealer, and face dab, providing optimal flexibility. Carefully apply WULT's vegan cosmetics evenly and lightly on the facial contours, creating a flawless makeup look!


Sand 象牙色 - 白皙細嫩,適合淺膚色
Sandy Stone 奶油色 - 自然修飾遮瑕,適合自然膚色 S
tone 自然裸色 - 自然修飾遮瑕,適合健康膚色
Sandy Moss 橄欖色 - 中和紅色色調,適合敏感泛紅肌膚


可與 WULT Sunfluff 或 Skin Need Physical UV 系列混合使用



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