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Zoom Lash Lift Together Treatment
Zoom Lash Lift Together Treatment
Zoom Lash Lift Together Treatment
Zoom Lash Lift Together Treatment
Zoom Lash Lift Together Treatment
Zoom Lash Lift Together Treatment

Lash Lift Together Treatment

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Lash Lift Together @Harbour City Concept Store
Keratin Eyelash Lift Treatment


 Treatment duration
65 minutes



Treatment price
HKD 688

HKD 688

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What is WULT’s Lash Lift Together?

A fast and fuss-free treatment for naturally fuller brows and lashes using a keratin lash solution from Korea combined with our unique brow and lash manoeuvring technique. Produces more naturally-looking effects and easier to maintain lashes compared to applying false eyelashes, the result is brighter and more charming eyes easily enhanced with a simple stroke of mascara for a touch of glamour!





How Lash Lift Together works?

A lash lift is an enhancement of your natural lashes using a keratin solution applied at the roots of your lashes to curl the hairs upwards. Like a hair perm, a lash lift alters the shape of your lashes to create an evenly spread, natural-looking curl. 




Brief steps



Please fill in the Consultation form with our Lash Therapist in which we will mark down your eyelash condition, lash quality, desire style and details such as curvature of the shields.


請與我們的 Lash Therapist 一起填寫諮詢表,我們將在其中標記您的睫毛狀況、睫毛質量、想要的風格和細節,例如眼睫毛模的曲線選擇。



Lash Therapist will start by separating your upper and lower lashes by putting a pad over your lower eyelid to avoid them sticking together. She will then clean your lashes to remove any dirt or oil on them. This process will help the result last longer.


Lash Therapist 首先在您的下眼瞼上放置一個眼膜,將您的上下睫毛分開,以避免它們粘在一起。然後她會清潔你的睫毛,去除上面的污垢或油脂。這個過程將有助於結果持續更長時間。



Lash Therapist will begin to attach your lashes one by one on the selected shield and apply layer onto your lashes with our special lift and nourish solution, which will not cause any damage to your natural lashes. The Whole process will take about 60 - 65 minutes, depending on the eyelash style you requested.


Lash Therapist 將開始將您的睫毛一根根貼在選定的護罩上,並使用 LIFT  NOURISH 精華液在您的睫毛上塗抹一層,這不會對您的天然睫毛造成任何損害。整個過程大約需要 60 - 65 分鐘,具體取決於您要求的睫毛樣式。



Lash Therapist will then finish by drying your lashes with cool air. After the treatment, daily care and maintenance tips on how to make the lashes last longer will be given to you. We also have a make up corner for customers who wish to re-touch their make-ups.


 然後,Lash Therapist 將用自然風吹乾您的睫毛。治療結束後,會為您提供如何讓睫毛更持久的日常護理和保養技巧。我們還為希望重新化妝的客戶提供一個舒適的化妝空間。


Cancellation Policy

If you wish to cancel your scheduled treatment, please notify us by email at least 48 hours prior to your appointment time.

Cancellations or no shows on the actual day of your scheduled treatment, deposit will be forfeited under any circumstances.


如果您想取消預定的治療,請在預約時間前至少 48 小時通通知我們。



***In the case of unnotified tardiness exceeding 15 minutes of designated appointment time, we regret to inform that your treatment may be delayed, postponed, or cancel. It is strongly advised that you arrive at least 10 minutes prior to your appointment to ready yourself to fully enjoy the process.